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I’m Mark… the “m’s” in m3Digital.
I’m a Houston based photographer specializing in artisan jewelry.
It comes naturally, because my wife and I are also jewelers,
and we’ve been shooting our own jewelry for over 15 years.
Now we can shoot yours too.

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Here‘s some of my recent clients & favorite shots.
I’d love to add yours to my portfolio…

This is me. Jeweler by day & photographer by night. I never sleep… almost.

I’m also a dad, a problem solver, and a pretty fair woodworker. And a good cook too, if you believe my wife. But none of those help get your jewelry shot, so let’s stick to the facts:


years of experience


images shot

What my clients say about me and my work

Mark has an unparalleled eye for detail, and will tirelessly pursue the perfect shot, the one that shows off a piece to its utmost perfection. Being a jeweler gives him that extra edge when shooting that most photographers don’t have, he knows where to look, what to look for, how to handle.
He’s simply the best.

Stefanie Somers
Stefanie SomersFounder, Creative Director, CEOStefanie Somers Inc

Mark is a real pro!  He is a wonderful photographer with an excellent eye for detail. I appreciate how he took his time to get every shot just right and was always willing to accommodate my requests. I am confident that with his photos my designs will stand-out from the crowd and sell, sell, sell!

Teresa Rodriguez
Teresa RodriguezOwner/DesignerTeresa Rodriguez Designs

Mark was fantastic to work with. He was totally responsive in his communications, organized, and worked tirelessly to get the perfect shots exactly as I envisioned for my brand. His expertise and knowledge of jewelry was evident in every step of this process of working together. Add to this, that Mark is approachable, personable and a complete professional.  I felt I was working with a trusted friend and this was simply the best kind of interaction I could have had with someone who was helping to make my brand vision come alive.

Kristen Romans
Kristen RomansDesigner & CEOSilver Ranch Jewelry

Here’s why you need m3Digital handling your photography:

Killer Photography

I may have just set out my shingle for new clients, but I’ve been doing this artisan jewelry photography thing for a pretty long time. Standard catalogue shots or what we call beauty shots.. yeah, I do that. Got something different in mind? Talk to me. I like a challenge.

Serious TLC

I’ll treat your amazing work just like I treat our work, with tons of love, respect, and TLC. We know how to handle hand crafted jewelry here, because that’s what we do. The same things that are important to you, are important to us. We get it.

Quick Turnaround

I know you don’t want your pieces out of your studio and in mine any longer than necessary. We’ll set up test shots, and once we’ve settled on our Plan, I’ll get through your shoot as fast as I possibly can, and get your work back to you ASAP.

A Personal Touch

Need me? You’ll have my cell number. Is email better for you? That works too. Want my wife (The Designer) to put her eagle eye on what we’re doing for you? You got it. And we’ll get back to you fast, any time you need us. Not when it’s convenient. It’s how we roll.

No Rights Hassles

Your images, your rights. I don’t play the usual pay-for-play photographers rights game. When you hire me to shoot your pieces, you own the rights. Period. I retain the right to use your images here on my site as a part of my portfolio. Other than that, these babies are yours, no strings. Enjoy.

Multiple File Formats

Usually a JPG is just a JPG, but sometimes only a TIFF will do. But if you’re like most designers, this is all so much alphabet soup. We’ll give you the most common formats, but if you need something else, we’ll give you that too. Just ask.

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